Animal welfare

Animal welfare and food safety issues are the focus of interest in Holland and Europe but also throughout the world. It are not only the producers of animal feeds and milk subsitutes who concern themselves but also consumers are deservedly critical about animal health and animal welfare. After all, people want their food to be safe.

Schils contributes to the safety of food by providing healthy and high quality food for the animals. Furthermore, Schils provides proper housing for their animals and tries to create the perfect living circumstances and living environment. Here we look at the entire chain from raw material to the final product, the meat that goes to you, the customer.

We will continue paying attention to the integrity of the chain, the health and the welfare of the animals without harming the environment in an economically responsible way.

If you would like to have more information about our animal feeds or milk substitutes, please contact us by e-mail,, or contact us through our 
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