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Calcium Soaps

Fat Powders are high quality energy products in powder form for ruminants and monogastrics. The powder form makes the products easy to handle.


Profat is made from palm oil fatty acids. This animal feed is the only totally reliable source of protected fat in the production for ruminants. The fatty acid calcium salt is broken down in the acid environment of the abomasum. Once the fatty acids and calcium are hydrolyzed, they enter, in free form, into the duodenum, where they are digested and absorbed, same as all other animal nutrition.


Monofat is a dry, loose and granulated product in a light green colour, with a neutral taste and a pleasant olive characteristic odour. Monofat is 100% olive based which means low in palmitic acid. This results in a higher absorption-capacity and better digestibility. Monofat is designed to be used in a profitable and efficient way for monogastrics as an energy source.


Colzafat is a calcium soap, based on rapeseed fatty acids. It is a dry fat-source.