Pigipro 3 RUN

The third and final phase in the Pigipro concept 3 RUN can be fed around/ after weaning. The products in this line have been developed for offering extra support when entering the weaning phase. 3 RUN consists of a piglet milk (Pigipro 3 Milk Extra) and three kinds of pellets (P 3-G, P 3-V and P 3-S).


Pigipro 3 RUN piglet milk:

Pigipro 3 Milk Extra

  • Day 29 - 42
  • For extra growth after weaning 
  • Very high amount of starch
  • Acidified
  • High vitamin E content  
  • Suitable for both feeding next to the sow as well as motherless rearing 
  • Can be mixed with pellets to stimulate the feed intake


Pigipro 3 RUN pellets:

  • Growth / P 3-G: stimulates feed intake and higher growth
  • Value / P 3-V: high feed intake and easy digestion for an economical safe growth
  • Safety / P 3-S: easy digestion for a healthy growth and stable gut flora


For additional information on the Pigipro 1-2-3 concept and for requesting the Pigipro 1-2-3 flyer please use our contact form.

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