Pigipro 2 GO

The products in the second phase of the Pigipro concept 2 GO can be fed until a few days after weaning. During this transitional period from suckling to weaning it is of utmost importance to stimulate the dry feed intake and to reinforce the piglets' gut flora in order to minimise the weaning dip. To achieve a successful transition, Schils BV offers piglet feed that promotes and supports feed intake and stable growth. The 2 GO phase consists of a piglet milk (Pigipro 2 Milk Wean) and two kinds of pellets (P 2-G and P 2-V).


Pigipro 2 GO piglet milk:

Pigipro 2 Milk Wean

  • Day 15 - 28
  • Stimulates transition into weaning
  • High amount of starch
  • Acidified
  • High vitamin E content
  • Suitable for both feeding next to the sow as well as motherless rearing 


Pigipro 2 GO Pellets:

  • Growth / P 2-G: stimulates feed intake and higher growth
  • Value / P 2-V: high feed intake and easy digestion for an economical safe growth


For additional information on the Pigipro 1-2-3 concept and for requesting the Pigipro 1-2-3 flyer please use our contact form.

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