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Novilam W Plus - Innovative milk replacer for Lambs

Novilam W Plus is our newest addition to the product line of Novilam milk replacers. This innovative milk replacer is based on a whey-protein concentrate(albumin), meant for the rearing of lambs. Trial results in collaboration with the Royal University and the Research & Development Zootechnical Centre, have proven that Novilam W Plus shows at least the same results as a lamb milk replacer which contains skimmed milkpowder.


  • Novilam is less expensive compared to a skimmed milk powder product, while showing the same performance.

  • Novilam contains at least the same amount of crude protein as other more expensive milk replacers.

  • Improves feed intake in the rearing period (first 7 weeks of life) significantly.

  • Novilam satisfies the demands of young lambs for a healthy and secure rearing period.

  • This milk replacer contains the Schils Protection Plus Package, a blend of selected special ingredients to support the intestinal health and the immune system.

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