Schils Oxi Plus (copy 1)

Schils BV introduces the “Schils Oxi Plus” concept in Calf Milk Replacer worldwide at Eurotier 2014.

Schils is more than a producer and supplier of Calf Milk Replacers for heifer- and bull calves. Schils supports its relations in the complete rearing process of calves up to 6 months after birth. Currently the focus is mainly, also from the government, on the health of calves and the reduction of the use of antibiotics.

In line with this, Schils introduces the “Schils Oxi Plus” –concept. Research at the VanDrie Group trial farm showed positive effects on the health, growth (+8,7%) and feed intake of calves when specific essential oils were added to the Calf Milk Replacer. The effects are confirmed in every day practice in several countries.

Schils Oxi Plus = Healthy Lungs = More Oxygen

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