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Version I

The importance of the calf's nutrition during the first months after birth

The ultimate goal in rearing calves is to generate calves with the highest possible potential and performance. This is only possible with an intensive rearing during the first month after birth. 

This issue focuses on the importance of immunoglobulin and colostrum.

Version II

The relation between breast dimension and growth from calf to cow

The weight of calves at a certain age is a well known instrument to follow the development from calf to grown-up cow. Instead of weighing the calf it is regular to apply measurement of the breast dimension of the calf. Measuring the breast dimension is easy, does not require an expensive weigh installation and can be done by the farmer himself.

Version III

Milk replacers or cow milk - an economical evaluation

The dairy farmer of today has to think in an economical way in order to ensure the farm(er)’s future. 

Which economical situations will have impact on the farmer’s decision to use milk replacers instead of cow’s whole milk?

1.      Milk quotum in European countries

2.      Milk price and

3.      Waste milk

This issue helps in making economical decisions for now and in the future.

Version IV

Energy requirements of young calves during winter time

Energy intake for young calves is important for maintenance and growth. The calf's maintenance requirement is determined by the calf's weight and the temperature.

In this paper we put focus on the effect of outside temperature on young calves' energy requirements.

Version V

The importance of lactose in milk replacer for piglets

Lactose is a unique carbohydrate only present in milk products. The young piglets are used to digest lactose because it is available as a nutrient in sow milk. Lactose is known because of its high digestibility for young piglets.

This edition of technical news works its way through theoretical information to achieve a practical recommendation for incorporating lactose in piglet milk replacers.

Version VI

FAT - The important energy source in prestarter for piglets. Recommendations of Fat inclusion in Piglet feed.

In the diets for young piglets the most important energy source besides Carbohydrates (Laktose and Starch) is Fat. Fat contains more than double of the energy of Carbohydrates and Proteins. Good Fat supply to diets of Piglets can help to reach optimal growth and feed conversion.

Version VII

Intestinal health - the effects of feed additives

In the past, antimicrobial growth promoters were added to calf feed. This however is not allowed anymore since 2006. In order to compensate for the effects of antibiotics, both the general health as well as specifically the gut health of calves need to be as optimal as possible. Feed (additives) can play an important role in improving the gut health. Besides from influencing gut health, feed (additives) can also have a more general effect on health by influencing the immune system or inflammatory responses.

Our solution: Schils Protection Plus (SPP). 

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