Profile Schils BV

Schils is one of the larger producers of calf milk substitutes and animal feed within the VanDrie Group with customers all around the world. The advanced Tracking & Tracing system (SAP) is unique, enabling the company to establish a fully automated connection between the ingredients and the finished product, guaranteeing full traceability. The unique and innovative Tracking & Tracing system has a great share in guaranteeing our product quality.

Our experienced staff has specific product and market knowledge. In combination with our logistic expertise and our logistic network, we can fully meet our customers’ expectations.   

Schils is a flexible and reliable partner who guarantees products with the right price/quality ratio. Our flexibility shows itself through our wide range of animal feeds. We offer our customers support and information concerning calf breeding. Furthermore, Schils offers its customers to compose the ingredients for the products themselves so that satisfaction is guaranteed! 

Vision for the future

What we have built up in the past has put us in an excellent position for the future. Everything we think and everything we do is focused on continuous growth in existing and new milk replacer and animal feed markets, with a range of products that optimally meets the needs of our customers. Ongoing efforts in the areas of innovative product development, quality assurance and marketing are therefore prerequisites that guarantee successful progress both in the present and in the future.